Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lullaby For Grimy

OMC! It a reunion!

@Snick_the_Dog and @GrimyDuck stopped by twitter today to hang out wif @kittehboi, @GeorgeTheDuck and ‏@CokieTheCat. We gonna get @TerenceTerrier and haz a #pawpawty #sekurity reunion one day soon.

Snick found @morriscat's lullaby for grimy!!

"Rock-a-bye Grimy in Manxington's paws
You've had too much nip and you're showing some flaws
But just go to sleep and snuggle in bed
And Snickers will come to nom on your head!"

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Enter to Win "Duckies" For Your Favorite Shelter

We are happy to announce dat you can win some fun duckies (ok der really flamingos but aren't they just tall, pink duckies any way) for you favorite cat rescue or shelter.

Our friends at has kindly donated a bunch of pink duckies like dis...

They can be used as teasers or hung the doors for kitties to thwok.

Just enter the name and/or URL of the shelter of your choice (USA shelters only please) in the form below. (We might have to contact you for more information to send them their toys & treats once the contest is done).

We will randomly pick 3 lucky shelters to win a box of goodies from!

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